Just a quick post to share some recommended useful resources for anyone working with the new Gutenberg Block Editor. Our book Digging Into WordPress now links to this post, so readers can learn more and dive deep into Gutenberg. Or just bookmark for future reference. What does that mean? It means that this page will be updated with any new useful and official resources. And by “official” just means the information is sourced/hosted at WordPress.org.

Learn more about Gutenberg

There are many official posts that are useful in specific contexts. This list focuses on just the main resources for learning more about Gutenberg Block Editor. Starting points for digging in and branching out.

Any one of these resources will open many doors for further learning and exploration of the Gutenberg Block Editor and related WordPress features.

Gutenberg Alternatives

The Gutenberg Block Editor has come a long way since it first began as a plugin. But not everyone is ready for the changes. Some folks like myself prefer the original “classic” editor. So for anyone looking for alternatives to Gutenberg, here are some resources that may be useful.

  • Classic Editor — official plugin by the WP team to restore the Classic Editor, already over 1 million active installations.
  • Disable Gutenberg — free WP plugin that completely disables all traces of Gutenberg and restores the Classic Editor. Includes robust options for custom configuration and selective enabling of the Block Editor.
  • ClassicPress — the new “Gutenberg-free” version of WordPress (forked at WP 4.9) that’s focused on providing a reliable, consistent CMS.

Or if you are a developer and would like to know how to disable Gutenberg or selectively enable the Block Editor, check out these DigWP tutorials:

Plus there are lots of other plugins now available to help you configure, customize, and disable Gutenberg. Also lots of plugins to help you customize and extend the Block Editor, visit the WordPress.org Plugin Directory to explore the possibilities.

Bonus tip

Also useful if you want to look at the “Welcome” screen for WordPress 5.0 (or whichever version you are using), just enter the following URL while logged into your WordPress site:


Or if you have WordPress installed in a subdirectory, say, /wordpress/, you would enter this URL instead:


Then you would replace “example.com” with your actual domain. That should get you to the “Welcome” screen for your current version of WordPress. So for awhile you can get a broad look at Gutenberg, how it works, features, etc.

WordPress 5.0 Welcome Screen

Send any suggestions for useful/official Gutenberg resources that should be added to this post, please comment or contact direct, thank you! 🙂