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Jetpack Launches Customer Research Project to Improve the Plugin and Reduce User Frustration

Jetpack’s Design and Research Team is launching a new customer research panel as part of an...

WordPress Roadmap Update: Full-Site Editing Targeted for 5.8 Release in June 2021

WordPress core contributors are pushing forward on an ambitious plan to land full-site editing in...

Gutenberg Contributors Consider Implementing a Bot to Close Stale Issues

Gutenberg project contributors are considering implementing a stale bot to tame the repository’s...

TasteWP Spins Up Free WordPress Testing Sites in Seconds

TasteWP is a newcomer among online WordPress sandboxing solutions. The site allows users to spin...

Ask the Bartender: How To Bulk Convert Classic WordPress Posts To Blocks?

I was wondering if you could help me. I want to convert all of my old posts (about 600) to...

Gutenberg 9.8 Brings Rounded Borders To the Group Block and Moves the Site Editor Canvas Into an Inline Frame

Gutenberg 9.8 launched yesterday with a few minor UI improvements. The development team added an...

Biden White House Sticks with WordPress for Website Relaunch

President Joe Biden took office today and unveiled a new that has been relaunched...

Custom Layouts Plugin Creates a Posts Display System for Both the Classic and Block Editors

Ross Morsali, via his brand Code Amp, released the Custom Layouts plugin last week. The plugin’s...

WordPress for Android Previews New Story Posts Feature, Now in Public Beta

WordPress users on Android may have noticed a new prompt in the mobile app for publishing Story...

Show and Hide Content via the Block Visibility WordPress Plugin

Nick Diego’s Block Visibility is not the only plugin to take on the challenge of controlling when...

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